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Alpaca Knitwear

For thousands of years Alpacas have been bred for their soft and luxurious fleece. Farmed on the Andean altiplano in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile at heights between 3000m and 5000m, the Alpaca has evolved a unique hollow fibre suited to cope with temperatures ranging from 24°c during the day to -20°c at night.

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This fleece, when spun, produces a high quality yarn considered to be one of the finest in the world. The fibre is extremely strong yet lightweight and has thermal properties that keep the wearer warm in cold weather and comfortable in warm weather.

As with most fibres, it is graded on its micron count (or fineness) before being spun into yarn. The finest grade (less than 20 microns) is given the name baby Alpaca and the next finest (20-22.9 microns) is called superfine Alpaca.

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Pima Cotton Clothing

Pima Cotton (Gossypium barbadense) is named after the Pima Indians who helped raise the cotton in the early 1900s. However, the first indication of domestic use of this species dates back to 4400 BC on the coast of Ecuador and 4200 BC at Ancon, on the Peruvian Coast.

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Today it is grown along the northern coastal valleys of Peru where the rich soils, ideal temperature and perfect atmospheric conditions produce a cotton of exceptional lustre and softness. The long staple length of Pima Cotton (approximately 3.5 centimetres - nearly twice as long as ordinary cotton) results in a fabric which is highly durable, resistant to pilling and exceptionally soft and smooth, making it a perfect fabric to be worn next to the skin - even for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

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