Spirit Of The Andes Alpaca Fur Hats

December is here and it's decidedly chilly outside, so may we suggest you take a leaf out of royalty's book and sport an alpaca fur hat?

Certain members of our Royal Family are often seen wearing alpaca fur hats around this time of year.

Our ethically sourced alpaca fur hats and matching fur scarves are obtained from alpacas that have died naturally. They are available in Lavender Grey, Champagne and White as shown above, and also in Black and Dark Brown.

What's more, they are so incredibly soft, you will never have felt anything as soft as alpaca fur! As well as looking like royalty, you will feel snug and cosy in this winter weather whilst wearing one's wonderfully warm headwear!

Our lovely soft hats are £109 with the scarves at £89, so why not treat yourself or someone you love this Christmas?

Who knows, maybe Meghan Markle will be donning an alpaca fur hat soon...

 Spirit Of The Andes will keep you royally warm this winter!

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